Call For Presentation Proposals & Planning Committee 

2018 Fall Specialty Conference                                        

Hematology/Oncology and GI/Nutrition Topics

The PPAG Education Committee is seeking submissions for speakers/topics for our 2018 Fall Specialty Conference in Philadelphia, PA on September 13-16, 2018.  We will be accepting proposals for the Hematology/Oncology and GI/Nutrition Blocks for the Conference.

A Call for Planning Committee Members for the Fall Meeting

Join us in planning for the upcoming 2018 Fall Meeting. Your help is always appreciated! Committee members help review the proposals, decide on the content of the meeting, and review and offer feedback to the speakers' presentations. PPAG educational content is designed and reviewed by pediatric pharmacists for pediatric pharmacists!

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A Call for Proposals for the Fall Meeting

The Conference will have two dedicated focus areas: Hematology/Oncology and GI Nutrition.  This year we are seeking relevant proposals from our members. You can suggest a topic or submit a full CE proposals.  

Please note: All proposals will be also be considered for our PPAG-U BCPPS Recertification Program.

Process Timeline

Here is the proposed timeline for the Committee:

May 4, 2018 All proposal submissions due
May 7, 2018 Proposals sent to the committees for review
May 14-31, 2018 Speakers selected by committees
June 1, 2018 Selection decisions delivered via email and Speaker agreements will be sent
June 1, 2018 Selected sessions notified for Recertification
June 11, 2018 Acceptance and speaker packets due
July 13, 2018 Draft Slides DUE and Recertification Questions DUE
July 20, 2018 Slides Sent to Reviewers for Feedback 
July 27, 2018 Reviewers Feedback DUE
Aug 1, 2018 Feedback sent to Speakers
Aug 15, 2018 Final Slides for Handouts DUE and Final Recert Questions DUE
Aug 29, 2018 FINAL Presentation Slides DUE
September 13-14, 2018 Hematology/Oncology Specialty Block in Philadelphia, PA
September 15-16, 2018 GI/Nutrition Specialty Block in Philadelphia, PA

Submit Your Proposal

The Full Proposal requires speaker(s), topic, session title, learning objectives, learning strategies, and educational need.

The Partial Proposal requires suggested speaker(s), topic, session title, and possible objectives/description of content to be covered.



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