2020 Fall Specialty Conference Speaker Guide
Thank you for submitting proposals and agreeing to speak at the conference. We are excited about each of the sessions and most importantly you and your support of PPA!
This page will be updated as things change, so this is a good page to find any information you might need. 
Slide and Recert Questions Submission
Here is the link to the speaker portal to submit your speaker agreement, slides, and questions (if applicable): https://ppagannual.secure-platform.com/a/organizations/main/home
Upcoming Due Dates
July 31, 2020                  Speaker Agreements Due
August 10, 2020             Draft Presentation Slides Due
August 10, 2020             Draft Recert Post-Test Questions Due for Recert Programs only
August 24, 2020             Feedback from Reviewers sent to Speakers
TBD                                FINAL Slides for Handouts Due 
TBD                                FINAL Recert Questions DUE for Recert Programs only
Sept 24-25, 2020            GI/Nutrition and General Pediatrics Sessions
Sept 26-27, 2020            Residency Showcase and Poster Presentations 
Sept 26-27, 2020            Preceptor Development and Scholarship Sessions
PPA Powerpoint template slides can be found here: https://ppag.sharefile.com/i/ie865b638e5c4cb78
Note: Not required to use the PPA template or even this particular template. Please let Lauren Henretty know if you need another PPA template. 
For Recertification Programs ONLY:
All questions must be in the following format: https://www.ppag.org/docDownload/709242
There is no need to register for the meeting. I will register each of you for the conference. All speakers receive a registration discount which is based on speaking hours and is pro-rated. If there is more than one speaker, the registration is divided for that session and speakers will receive an invoice for the balance. As a thank you for volunteering to speak in this virtual conference, PPA is also waiving recertification credit fees for speakers.
Questions? Feel free to email Lauren Henretty at Lhenretty@pediatricpharmacy.org

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