26th Annual PPAG Meeting
May 3 - May 7, 2017
Charlotte Marriott City Center
Charlotte, North Carolina

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PPAG-Made-Easy. This is your one-stop shop for everything Annual Meeting related. Below you will find some frequently asked questions and answers. Have a question you'd like to add to this page? Email us at membership@ppag.org.

DYK? OVER 550 people have registered for this year's Annual Conference. This is a PPAG record!

Quick Links:

  1. Slide Handouts: www.ppag.org/26AM_Handouts (Also on the 2Shoes App)
  2. 2Shoes Apphttps://app.2shoes.com/ppag26 (Bios, Handouts, Polls, Questions, Surveys)
  3. Printable Schedule-at-a-Glance with Room Locations (PDF) (Also on 2Shoes App)
  4. Resident Project Presentations (Thursday and Saturday Schedule)
  5. Resident Presentation Slide PDFs (by Resident Last Name)
  6. ​CE Credit Information


Direct Link to CE Evaluation and Attendance Attestation: https://app.2shoes.com/survey/17/event/56​


Conference tips:

  1. Important notice for our Conference Room! For the breakout sessions each day, the General Session Conference room will need to be split using an airwall! We appreciate your patience during these transitions.
  2. Bring a sweater or jacket!! Hotels temperature control is notoriously difficult. Frequently changing the number of people in conference rooms makes it very difficult to keep a steady temperature. You'll be more comfortable if you bring a jacket. Heck, we allow blankets, too!  
  3. Wear comfortable shoes. Yes, a lot of the time you will be sitting and learning. However, there are many times that you will be on your feet for a few hours.
  4. Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram: Post about the Conference on social media! Use #iamppag and/or #PPAG26 when you post about the conference or post a picture. 

Is there a Conference App for my smart phone or device? 

Yes, there is an App for that! PPAG is proud to announce the use of 2Shoes App during this year's event. This application will allow you to easily ask questions to the presenters, answer polls, view documents and give feedback during sessions. One conference! One App! Please note that there is no app to download or account needed to use the system! You just need a web browser! Cool

To access this application:

​1. Using any device (smartphone, tablet, or laptop), go to: https://app.2shoes.com/ppag26

​2. Click on the session you are currently attending (or wish to attend)

​3. For the session pages, you will be able to ask questions, participate in polls, access documents and handouts, and view speaker profiles.

​3a. If you want to access handouts within the App, please click on the session title (within the red box of session page). You can also access the quick links page here: www.ppag.org/26AM_Handouts

​Screen-shot Example:

​Step 1

Step 2

Step 3


​4. Question that you send during the session will be sent via the app to the Session Moderator, who will facilitate the Q/A sessions.

​5. You will participate in live polling via the App (on session pages)

​6. Post-evaluations will be accessed through the App as well (on session pages)

NOTE: The App content will be available on Monday, May 1, 2017


Name Badges:

​You should receive your namebadge via USMail. If you have received your badge, all you will need to do is come by the Registration/Check-in desk to pick-up your holder. If you haven't received your badge, no worries! We will have your tag ready for you at the desk.

What is the Conference Code for the WiFi connection in the Conference Rooms?

The Conference Wifi Network: Marriott_Conference
​Password: ppag26

What is the schedule for the Student Sessions?

Most of the student sessions will be held in the Uptown Ballroom. 

Can I print/access the full meeting schedule?
Yes! Here are a few links for you. You can also access this information on the meeting App.  

Can I print/access session handouts?

Yes! Session handouts are available through this link or throught the App (link here). Each handout is a printable PDF accessible through the session page within the App. You can pick and choose which handouts you need for the conference.

How do I get Continuing Education (CE) Credit?

You must fill out a Post-Session Evaluation for EACH session that you attend AND the Conference Evaluation. The evaluations serve two purposes: (1) to validate your participation in the session, and (2) to provide valuable feedback for our speakers and a program planning committees. The Session Evaluations are online via the conference App. You may (and are encouraged to) access the evaluations throughout the Annual Meeting as you attend sessions. Evaluations will not be available until the day of the live session.

DEADLINE EXTENDED: The deadline to fill out the CE Surveys/Evals is Friday, May 26, 2017. We cannot process CE after this date!

​Here is the direct link to the Conference Evaluation and Attendance Attestation: https://app.2shoes.com/survey/17/event/56​​

Remember that the conference App surveys are best done with Chrome!

Step 1: Fill out the Speaker Evaluation Form for each session. Screen shot example:


Step 2. Fill out the Conference Evaluation Form for the Conference. We recommend you wait and fill this form out at the end of conference.



I signed up for the BCPPS Recertification bundle(s). How do I get BCPPS Recertification credit?

If you signed up for BCPPS credit, post-tests will be emailed to you after the Annual Meeting. You will have three months to complete your posts test. Once you have passed the Post-Tests, PPAG will report your credit to BPS, and you will receive confirmation. All of your tests and scores will be stored on the PPAG system.

Am I allowed to get BCPPS Recertification Credit from PPAG if I have completed programs from other Recertification Providers?

Yes! Of course, BPS allows you to receive recertification credit from any of the approved Recertification providers. As long as you complete your required 100 hours in your 7 year cycle.

What if  did not pre-register for BCPPS Recertification bundle(s). Is it too late to register?

No, it is not too late to register. You can register and pay for the bundles onsite. Come by the registration desk for more information and to pay the additional fee.


I am presenting a Poster. What is my poster number? When can I set up my poster?

Posters will be on Friday, May 5, 2017 at 10:20 am in the Uptown Ballroom. You will be able to hang up your poster beginning at 8:00 am the same day. You must take down your poster at the end of the Poster session at 11:50 am. If you do not, your poster will be discarded.

Poster Numbers in alphabetical order by presenter last name (PDF)

What is the schedule for the Residency Project Presentations?

Residency Project Presentations will take place on Thurdsday, May 4, 2017 from 4:15PM to 6:45PM and Saturday, May 6, 2017 from 4:30 to 6:45pm


Where is my name badge? Easy Check-in Information:

You should receive your name badge via USMail by Monday, May 1, 2017. All you have to do is come by the registration desk to pick up your name badge holder, ribbons, and printed schedule (if desired). There is no need to "check-in" at the registration desk. If you have not received your name badge (or if you forget to bring it), do not worry. We have duplicates on hand, or we can print you a new badge on site.

Can I get more information about the PPAG Service Project: Toy Drive for Levine Children's Hospital?

When Jenni and Matt Helms' son passed away in October of 2015 there was an outpouring of love and support from PPAG for the family. PPAG also solicited membership’s ideas in how to honor Garrett. In response PPAG started an annual toy drive in memory of Garrett Helms that will be held in conjunction with PPAG’s annual conferences. The toy drive this year will benefit Levine Children's Hospital. See the complete Levine Children's Hospital donation wish list here: http://www.carolinashealthcare.org/medical-services/childrens-services/levine-childrens-hospital/give-backAs a participant at this year's Annual Meeting, we invite you to participate in the Toy Drive. Please bring a new unwrapped toy in Garrett's honor. 


  1. Due to the hospital’s infection control policy, all toys must be new and easy to sanitize.
  2. The patient population includes many infants and toddlers. Please avoid toys that have small chokeable pieces, sharp pieces, or fall apart easily.
  3. Some acceptable items:
  • ●       Blocks
  • ●       Puzzles
  • ●       Games
  • ●       Books
  • ●       Toy cars
  • ●       Dolls
  • ●       Small size play dough or bubbles
  • ●       Materials for arts and crafts
  • ●       Batteries

Student Chapter Competition! Student chapters will have the opportunity to compete to collect the most items for donation, just bring all the items to the annual meeting or take a photo of group members with the items to be mailed to the hospital. The winning student chapter will be announced after the meeting!

Can I get more information about the PPAG pins, wristbands, and Red Balloon badge holders?




PPAG Pins and #iamPPAG wristbands are located at the registration desk. They may be purchaseby making any donation to PPAG.



PediaRebs, the PPAG student chapter at the University of Mississippi, is selling badge reels as a fundraiser in memory of Garrett Helms. The red badge holder resembles a red balloon since this was one of Garrett's favorite things. These badge holders will also be at the registration desk. PediaRebs would like for you to consider making a donation in exchange for a badge reel and to wear it with pride and in memory of a very special person!




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