Local Community and Network Recognition Program

  1. Purpose
    1. The PPAG Local Community and Network Recognition Program serves the following purposes
      1. To recognize and support established local pediatric pharmacy groups
      2. To encourage the formation of local pediatric pharmacy groups.
      3. To provide volunteer and leadership development opportunities at the local level.
      4. To recognize local efforts at a National level.
      5. To gain improved two-way communication at the grassroots level of the Association.
    2. The purpose of a Local Community is to:
      1. Share effective and best practices, exchange ideas.
      2. Develop future leaders.
      3. Create localized professional support.
      4. Develop ambassadors for pediatric pharmacy at the local and national levels.
      5. Develop a local grassroots network for national public policy initiatives.
  2. Authority
    1. The PPAG Local Community and Network Recognition Program shall be conducted under the general authority of the PPAG Board of Directors. The Board shall approve all regulations pertaining to recognition.
    2. However, Local Communities and Networks shall be organized and “governed” locally.
  3. Definition of Local Community or Network
    1. Local communities will not be formally defined by PPAG. PPAG will not control Local Communities or Networks. However, each community must submit a description to PPAG.
    2. PPAG encourages multi-institutional communities.
    3. Local communities will be financially independent of PPAG.
  4. PPAG Local Community Recognition Process
    1. Existing or new local communities may fill out an online form to request recognition as an “Official Network of PPAG.”
    2. Each community must describe its offerings and structure in writing.
    3. The PPAG Board of Directors will render decisions at the next regular scheduled Board Meeting immediately following application submission.
    4. Local communities will be independent from the Pediatric Pharmacy Advocacy Group. Local Communities will be able to:
      1. Use the PPAG logo within the “Appropriate Use Guidelines” provided on the PPAG website.
  5. Recognition Benefits
    1. Organize and meet under the PPAG brand.
      1. Local Communities may use “PPAG” in their official name.  for instance, “The New York PPAG Network.”
      2. Local Communities may use the PPAG logo on their official documents.
      3. Limitations:
        1. Local Communities cannot negotiate on behalf of or represent PPAG when purchasing products and services (and visa versa).
          1. Local Communities cannot represent PPAG, verbally or in writing (i.e. local media), unless prior written authority has been received by the PPAG Board of Directors.
          2. Local Communities cannot publish position papers without prior written approval of the PPAG Board of Directors.
    2. Continuing Pharmacy Education accreditation services.
      1. Each community must follow guidelines as established by PPAG and ACPE.
      2. Local Communities will provide a fee for each 0.1 CEU of credit to be determined by the PPAG Office in advance of the program. The fee will be based on expected participation and level of support.
    3. Access to online Listservers, eCommunities, shared, Calendar of Events, membership database, and file sharing capabilites on PPAG.org 
    4. Access to conference call line
      1. To use the PPAG Conference Call line the meeting must be set up one month in advance and cleared with the PPAG Office to guarantee that time is available
    5. Access to National Newsletter
      1. The Membership Committee will provide a section for Local Community News and Events.
    6. Community membership will be self-reported within the membership forms (new and renewals) and MyPPAG site.


Approved by the Board of Directors: 10/01/08; revised to reflect web infrastucture changes 08/2015

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