Local Community Frequently Asked Questions

How do we obtain CE for our local meetings?

CE paperwork (Program/Speaker Packet) must be filled out and sent to Matt Helms at least 4 weeks prior to CE presentation in order to obtain number (UPN).

How frequently does the group have to meet?

The frequency of meetings is up to each individual group.  However, most of the established local groups meet every other month or quarterly.

Does PPAG provide any financial support to the local groups?

No, the local groups are completely independent from PPAG. However, does provide CE credits for presentations, access to Local Community eCommunities, and other forms of support

What other advantages are given to local groups?

Local groups have the ability to access the shared online calendar of events to post programs or events, a conference call line, national newsletter, and the membership database. Membership in the Local Community will be self-reported via each member's "MyPPAG" membership profile. 

Who is the governing body for local groups?

The PPAG Board of Directors serves to approve the existence of local groups; however, each individual local chapter is its own governing body (Board of Directors, Executive Committee, etc).

What activities are done at local chapter meetings?

Every local chapter can decide on activities for their group.  Common activities include CE presentations, hot topics, philanthropy, and collaboration between facilities.

Can students and residents attend meetings?

Yes!  Residents are highly encouraged to attend meetings if a local group is present in their area.  Students can also attend (especially if there is not a local student chapter at their school of pharmacy)

I am thinking about starting a Local Community. Do you have an example of Local Bylaws?

Yes. You can use PPAG's bylaws as a model for your local group. You can also view the Gateway Pediatric Pharmacy Group (GPPG)'s bylaws (PDF).

To join an eCommunity/Email List, "Update your profile" on your myPPA page