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Posted by: Matthew Helms on May 13, 2016

On April 29, 2016 the Pediatric Pharmacy Advocacy Group added the 27th through 31st PPAG Fellows. This year we had 11 nominations, a record, and the Selection Committee has many great candidates for FPPAG Status. After nomination from our Committee and approval of the Board of Directors, we have 5 new Fellows in the Pediatric Pharmacy Advocacy Group.

Below is the script that FPPAG Selection Committee Chairperson Robert Kuhn, PharmD, FPPAG used to induct our 5 new Fellows:


FPPAG -27- Michael Chicella

Mike currently the Clinical Manage of the Children’s Hospital of The King Daughters in Norfolk VA.

He graduate with his B.S. In Pharmacy from UNC and then after 4 years of practice obtained his Pharm.D. at Campbell University. He completed a residency at LeBonheur Children’s Hosptial and then off to a faculty position at Auburn.. He was actually University of South Alabama and was heavily involved in teaching and clinical services and their first clinical pharmacist ever…. He was actually named faculty member of the Year at Auburn. He then spent a few years at Cincinatti Children’s Hospital and then moved to Virginia 12 years ago. He has been instrumental in growing pharmacy services, leading the development of their residency program and expanding clinical specialist and services throughout the hospital. He has published over 20 papers and been an invited speaker for various pediatric topics including over a dozen presentation at PPAG. In addition, he has served as Section editor for Pediatric Pharmacotherapy. He serves as a reviewer for JPPT and has been a member of the Board of PPAG just to name a few of his accomplishments.

Mike is well liked and approachable to his students, residents and colleagues.

Mike’s open , friendly nature is an important part of his contribution to our field- no student resident or new practitioner is ever turned away or ask Mike a questions that he would ever hesitate to answer. He’s the ultimate ambassador for PPAG and pediatric pharmacy. Mike we agree and we welcome you to fellow status in PPAG.

FPPAG -28- David S. Hoff

David is currently Clinical Leader , Campus Residency Director and Member of the professional staff at Children’s Hospital and Clinics of Minnesota.. He hold faculty appts at Drake and University of Minnesota COP. David received his pharmacy training at UM and has been in practice for 20 years. David has been a member of the Board of PPAG, is a fellow of ACCP and served as President of MN College of Clinical Pharmacy. David has been involved as a consultant to industry, and the Ministry of Health of Saudi Arabia. He has also been involved in Disaster Relief and Response. He is currently President-Elect of PPAG.

David has been a pioneer in helping establish and growing clinical services in the children’s hospital and has worked on over 40 major projects in starting new services and expanding existing ones. He help establish the first pediatric MTM clinic in MN in 2009. In 2005 with the help of an colleague at the Mayo Clinic, he help establish a fully operational field hospital in 24 hours to serve the evacuees from Hurricane Katrina at Camp Ripley MN. In 1998- He help start the pediatric PK service for aminoglycosides by pharmacy that did not require an order- certainly one of the first in the country.

In 1996- he was hired as full time consultant for Diversified Pharmaceutical Services to help start a unique business design for pharmacy related to formulary evaluations. This company is now called Express Scripts.

Dave is well published and had presented in numerous venues on a variety of topics in both adult and pediatric issues. He is the consummate professional and is always working on something new.

From his colleagues; Dave has been the Pharmacy Clinical Leader working the Division of Critical Care at Children’s. This has put Dave in the position of being the FACE of pharmacy within that division. We are very lucky to have Dave in this position. Dave seeks to find information that will help his patients.

Dave loves to teach and feedback from his students clearly makes this evident. He is involved in all aspects of pediatric pharmacy – practice, teaching, scholarship and mentorship. Dave is a past recipient of the Health Care Hero Award for the Twin Cities.

Dave in our book, you are a hero for pediatric pharmacy and we welcome you to Fellow Status in PPAG.

FPPAG -29 Peter Johnson

Peter (better known as Pete) Johnson is currently Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice at the OU College of Pharmacy and Adjunct Associate Professor of Pediatrics. He maintains an active practice site in the PICU at the Children’s Hospital, directs the PGY2 specialty residency in pediatrics and is a consummate teacher.

Pete received his B.S. and Pharm.D. Degree at Ole Miss then PGY1 and PGY2 residency at Kentucky before taking his currently faculty position at OU. Pete has distinguished himself as a clinical research with solid contribution to the literature in pain management, sedation and dosing of medications to obese patients. Pete received the OU College of Medicine Teaching award in 2009 in recognition of his teaching and has over 50 peer reviewed publications to date.

He has created a pediatric pharmacotherapy curricular track at OU which includes 16 hours of elective experiences in both classroom and experiential setting. 22 students have completed this track with another 18 in progress. In addition, Pete has mentored many students with projects that have been presented at PPAG including the Best Practice Award in 2015. Recently, Pete was honored with the Outstanding Preceptor Award from the OU College of Pharmacy, and the PPAG Scholarship in Teaching Award in 2016.  

Pete is the first Fellow of PPAG to be board certified in pediatrics- BCPPS as well as BCPS.

Pete has been a long time leader with the Advocacy Committee including being chair last year He has been extremely involved in PPAG and recognized on three separate occasions for his work. In 2008 he received the Spirit of PPAG Award, in 2013- a Presidential Citation Award, and in 2015 a Special Recognition Award.

From your colleagues; I can personally attest to routine comments that I have received over the past 10 years from the physicians and nurses who work with him-they universally depend on his knowledge, his consistent delivery of evidence-based recommendations and his willingness to evaluate and try new therapies, given his understanding of the challenges for caring for critically ill patients.

Pete has really been the GO TO guy for any critical care pharmacotherapy at the hospital.

Pete you are certainly our GO to Guy for PPAG and pediatric Pharmacy and we welcome you to Fellow Status for PPAG.

FPPAG -30 Chad Knoderer

Chad is currently associate Professor and Director of Clinical and Health Outcomes Research of Pharmacy Practice at Butler University COP.

Chad received his Pharm.D. from Butler in 1999.. He spent two year in residency training focused on pediatrics and was a clinical specialist at St. Vincent Hospital – now Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital and then Riley Hospital for Children where he served in many clinical areas including critical care and ID. He directed the PGY2 Pediatric residency for seven years and joined the faculty at Butler in 2008 in co – funded position. He 2011- he moved to a campus based position at Butler and turned this clinical responsibilities over to Dr. Kristen Nichols.

Chad helped strength clinical services at Riley and worked with one the ID MD Dr . Elaine Cox to establish one of the first if not the first Pediatric Antimicrobial Stewardship programs in the US in 2009.Even after his move back to campus, Chad remained an unpaid consultant to the service and he remains that today.

Chad has been active on the program committee and is currently chair elect of the Research committee of PPAG. Chad is well published with over 30 peer reviewed publications and heavily involved in teaching and mentorship. Chad states; I am fortunate that I was in the right place at the right time of my career to start down a path of contributing to the body of knowledge in pediatric pharmacy practice. I can only hope that I can am a positive influence to the students, residents and colleagues with whom I’ve worked.

From you colleagues: Physicians at Riley are quick to point out their reliance on pharmacy services and I strongly believe that is at least partly due to the programs and initiatives he implemented, the level of practice he upheld and the reliability he demonstrated.

Chad you are in the right place and the right time to be recognized for your many contributions to pediatric pharmacy and we welcome as a Fellow of PPAG.

FPPAG -31- Shannon Manzi

Shannon is currently Director of the Clinical Pharmacogenomics Service at Boston Children’s Hospital as well as the Manager for the ICU and Emergency Services for the Department of Pharmacy. Shannon graduate from Rhode Island COP with her Pharm.D. in 1996. She has served in several clinical areas while at Boston including her present position with the pharmacogenomics service. She has been honored to participate in a roundtable with the HHS secretary on the future of precision and represent the pediatric population.

Shannon has been very involved in PPAG as a speaker on numerous occasions, a reviewer for JPPT and contribute on projects. But Shannon is clearly known nationally for her work in helping those in disaster response. She represents pediatric pharmacy well her Medical Assistance Team and she has been deployed 11 times in the last 15 years, including Hurricane Katrina, Gustav, Ike, Haiti Relief and Hurricane Sandy. She has participated in the National Advisory committee on Children and Terrorism and the CDC National Stockpile working group. Shannon is the pediatric face of disaster relief and expertise.

From her Colleague; At Boston Children’s She was immediately embraced by the medical and nursing staff as own of their own- based on her expert pharmacotherapeutic knowledge and most importantly her “ get it done” attitude

From her Disaster Relief During all of these events, but especially in Haiti, Dr. Manzi was the go to person for pediatric care. Bluntly without her, many pediatric patients would have died. Her ability to work with the DMAT team especially for the pediatric population who were affected, contributed to a successful mission and a positive representation of herself, the practice of pharmacy, and the United States Humanitarian Response

Shannon we recognize your leadership in the future of pediatric drug therapy and your efforts to provide relief for children around the world and welcome you as a Fellow of PPAG.