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Posted by: Matthew Helms on Oct 31, 2016

How many times have you thought “We should publish this” or “I wonder if other pediatric pharmacists struggle with this same issue?” Well here are a few great reasons to publish in The Journal of Pediatric Pharmacology and Therapeutics (JPPT):

  1. Do you have a unique treatment experience or creative solution to a pediatric medication issue?
  2. JPPT is the official journal of PPAG and comes free with your membership.
  3. JPPT is the only peer-reviewed journal dedicated to pediatric pharmacy.
  4. Approximately 75% of medications used in pediatric patients do not have FDA approval and there is limited high-quality literature available.
  5. No matter what pediatric setting you practice in, chances are, your peers deal with the same issues.
  6. JPPT is a great platform to share the great things you are doing with your peers!


Currently, the Journal is in need of Review Articles. REVIEW ARTICLES are evidence-based reviews of topics relevant to those practicing in the area of pediatric pharmacology and therapeutics. To prevent duplication of a topic, contact the editorial office before writing a review article. Review articles undergo the same peer-review and editorial process as original research and case reports. They should be written for the general practitioner and not for the specialists. Ethical topics, legal concerns, pharmacoecomonic and healthcare policy papers are welcomed.

Submit a publication to JPPT today! Make a difference in pediatric pharmacy one manuscript at a time.