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Posted by: Matthew Helms on Oct 31, 2016

The PPAG Research Committee has been focused on new practitioner’s mentorship and increasing collaborative research between our members.

Research Mentorship Program.
The Research Committee recently developed a mentorship program. We have identified senior investigators who have volunteered to be paired with a new researcher to help mentor them through the research process (e.g., idea refinement, research methodology, grant writing, manuscript preparation). During the first year of offering the program we matched one mentee with a mentor. We will continue to accept applications, and will soon be highlighting our current mentee and mentor. More information regarding the mentoring program can be found on the PPAG website. CLICK HERE 

Practice Based Research Network (PBRN) and a Clinical Trials Research Network (CTRN).
Our next big endeavor will be to develop a Practice Based Research Network (PBRN) and a Clinical Trials Research Network (CTRN). We are currently seeking membership contributions for building the infrastructure, providing mechanisms for sustainability, and developing clinically relevant and feasible research ideas, including survey-based studies describing practices amongst diverse institutions. The Committee invites you to participate in a survey to assist in the development of research networks within the PPAG membership via the link below. The survey should take less than 15 minutes to complete and will generally ask questions related to your research involvement.   

Clink the link here to access the survey: PPAG Research Network Survey 2016  

The intent of this survey is to identify the infrastructure in place within the PPAG membership to create a Practice Based Research Network and a Clinical Trials Research Network. We will also use some of the responses to identify any potential projects that could benefit from utilizing one of these networks. Please only complete the survey once.  

The results will be used (in aggregate) for research purposes describe the research network capabilities of the PPAG membership and also to help create the PPAG PBRN and CTRN. The survey is anonymous unless you would like to participate in the Practice Based Research Network and/or Clinical Trials Research Network. If you would like to participate, your contact information will only be used to maintain a list of members who are interested in one of these networks and will not be connected to any of your survey responses.

Please contact Chad Knoderer (cknodere@butler.edu) or Jill Morgan (jmorgan@rx.umaryland.edu) if you are interested in participating the in PBRN initiative.

Annual Activities.
In addition to the development of new initiatives, the Committee also performs various functions for PPAG throughout the year. In the fall of 2015, the Committee provided oversight for the Neonatal Pharmacy Resident/Fellow Research Grant Program. Drs. Jennifer Koehl and Laurie Wright received awards to assist them in research endeavors during their postgraduate training programs.

Prior to the 2016 Annual Meeting, the Committee reviewed the research/scientific track abstract submissions. During the Annual Meeting, the Committee judged posters for the PPAG Research Awards (e.g., the Outstanding Original Paper and Christensen Memorial Young Investigator Award) and coordinated the resident research platform presentations and presentation evaluators. The Committee would like to thank our resident presentation evaluators, as they help provide our residents and fellows with valuable feedback from their experience as clinicians and investigators.

Finally, the committee will continue to create Research Spotlights, in which PPAG members and their research contributions are presented to the PPAG membership as part of organization updates. To nominate someone for the Research Spotlight, please contact Chad Knoderer (cknodere@butler.edu) or Jill Morgan (jmorgan@rx.umaryland.edu).