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Posted by: Matthew Helms on Nov 14, 2016

​Students, we need your votes to select Student Council leadership!

The Student Council Executive Committee will be elected by vote, and each student will get one vote. Note that previously we had planned to allow only one vote per liaison, but feel that operationally it is superior to allow each student member or member of a student group a vote.

This smaller, elected group of leaders will consist of the following:

  1. Chair
  2. Chair-elect (2-year position)
  3. Secretary

Please view the posted videos and complete the ballot by Monday, November 28th.

Every student group will still have a representative (or “liaison”) in the Student Council. This group will meet on a schedule to be determined, and potentially as needed, to share ideas and facilitate dissemination of information. Committee representatives will be elected at a later date. Two representatives will be elected to each of the following committees. These representatives will be responsible for communicating information between the Student Council and the committees, and will need to ensure that at least 1 person is able to make each call or meeting. Please contact Kristen Nichols (knichol4@iuhealth.org) with questions.


Courtney Cox
Butler University

Tigris Haran
​University of South Florida


Kiley Fuller
University of Colorado

Shannon Lyons
University of Florida

David Seto
​University of Arizona


Rachel Jackson
Texas Tech University