PPA News

Posted by: Kristen Nichols on Apr 24, 2017

The PPAG Student Council hopes to provide educational, emotional, and social enrichment to all those involved. We seek to provide pharmacy students the opportunity to explore their interest in pediatrics, empower pharmacy students to get more involved nationally, and assist the student chapters of PPAG in setting and accomplishing common goals.

2016-2017 PPAG Student Council Officers:

Chair: Hello PPAG! My name is Courtney Cox and I am so excited to hold the Chair position of the Student Council of PPAG. I am currently a P3 student at Butler University in Indianapolis, IN and I have been interested in pediatrics since I started pharmacy school and have been involved in Butler’s pediatric pharmacy group since 2013. I am so excited to see the increasing interest that students are taking in pediatrics and hope to help facilitate further growth of student involvement in PPAG!


Chair-Elect: Hi everyone! My name is Shannon Lyons and I am so grateful to serve as the Chair-Elect on the PPAG Student Council. I am a P2 at the University of Florida College of Pharmacy in Gainesville, FL. I have always known I wanted to work in pediatric pharmacy and am excited to explore the many pediatric specialties in the near future. Working on the student council, I cannot wait to grow our student membership and expand our student chapters across the country!


Secretary: Hi PPAG! My name is Rachel Jackson, and I am honored to represent students across the nation as the PPAG Student Council Secretary. I am currently a P3 student at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in Amarillo, TX. My interests include pediatrics, oncology, and my sweet schnauzer, CJ. I want all student chapters to be included and actively engaged in national PPAG initiatives. I believe that through uniting all the student chapters with a council, we can set and accomplish BIG goals!


Things in the works to facilitate student involvement in PPAG on a national level:

  1. Student chapter poster session- On Saturday, May 6, 2017, at this year’s PPAG Annual Meeting in Charlotte, NC, student chapters will have the opportunity to highlight their fantastic chapter initiatives, whether they involve fundraising, volunteering, education, or something different. We want each chapter to show off what they have been doing while providing students the opportunity to take new and exciting ideas back to their campus.
  2. Toy drive- This year, the PPAG student council will lead the annual Garrett Helms toy drive. The goal is to create some competition between student chapters while obtaining more toy donations. The proceeds will go to the local hospital that we are partnering with during the annual meeting, Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte. Student chapters are advised to either bring them to the annual meeting, or take a picture and provide a number of the amount they collected to be shipped in order to participate in the contest.
  3. Student social event- At the annual meeting, the student council officers plan to choose a date, time, and location in Charlotte where any students present for the annual meeting can gather to socialize and network outside of the formal conference environment. Through this event, we hope to aid students in building connections with other students across the country.
  4. Student survey- During the annual meeting, student council officers will distribute a survey to all students in attendance. Questions included will collect information about what students would like to see at PPAG meetings, and what would persuade students to get more involved in PPAG on a national level. We will use this information to establish ways for students to get involved nationally throughout the year.