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Posted by: Rachel Jackson on Apr 24, 2017

Each year the PPAG Student Council organizes a Toy Drive dedicated to the memory of Garrett Helms. Garrett, the son of Executive Director Matt Helms, passed away from cancer in 2015.  The Toy Drive will take place at the 26th Annual Meeting, and will benefit the Levine Children's Hospital in Charlotte, NC.

As a participant at this year's Annual Meeting, we invite you to participate in the Toy Drive. Please bring a new unwrapped toy in Garrett’s honor.

See the complete Levine Children's Hospital donation wish list here: http://www.carolinashealthcare.org/medical-services/childrens-services/levine-childrens-hospital/give-back


1. Due to the hospital’s infection control policy, all toys must be new and easy to sanitize.
2. The patient population includes many infants and toddlers. Please avoid toys that have small chokeable pieces, sharp pieces, or fall apart easily.

Some acceptable items:

Toy cars
Small size play dough or bubbles
Materials for arts and crafts

Student Chapter Competition! Student chapters will have the opportunity to compete to collect the most items for donation, just bring all the items to the annual meeting or take a photo of group members with the items to be mailed to the hospital. The winning student chapter will be announced after the meeting!