PPA News

Posted by: Matthew Helms on Jun 2, 2020

Brian Eugene Baldwin, 89, of Centennial, CO passed away at Holly Creek Senior Living Community on May 25, 2020.

Mr. Baldwin was an early supporter of the Pediatric Pharmacy Association (previously the Pediatric Pharmacy Advocacy Group). 

Mr. Baldwin had a significant impact on pediatrics. His first company, MPL, inc., founded in 1958 in Chicago, IL was a pioneer in development of inexpensive disposable hypodermic needles. In 1975 Brian co-founded Baxa Corporation, originally located in Northbrook, IL. In 1981, he moved with the company to Colorado, where he would live the remainder of his life. Baxa grew in the next 30 years to have over 700 employees, serving hospitals in over 65 countries. Several of his inventions were key to the success of the company, which specialized in the safe handling and preparation of IV and liquid medications. Brian's inventions were recognized for preventing medication errors and saving lives.