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Posted by: Matthew Helms on Oct 31, 2019

As you may know, Friday, November 1 marks Dr. Jennifer Chow's last day at the Pediatric Pharmacy Advocacy Group/Pediatric Pharmacy Association. For the past five years, Jennifer has served PPAG as the Director of Professional Development. At the Fall Meeting in Lexington, I announced her resignation. The statement was recorded, and we have posted it here for you to view. Below is an edited transcript of my comments: 

Knowing history is important. It gives us context, meaning, and even understanding. Back in 2004 Dr. Stephanie Phelps, a member of the Board of Directors and now our Journal editor, presented an idea to the Board. “Let’s allow residents to present their projects at PPAG.” I think it is fair to say that there was enthusiasm for the idea, and also some doubts and questions. Would people forgo the Regional Conferences? Would residents and directors buy-in? Ultimately, the Board did take the risk and approved the idea. A few years later, we launched the Bruce Parks Residency Project Showcase and 12 residents from 8 programs participated in the event. And we know the rest of that history. After steady year over year growth in participation, now over 130 residents participate annually. This idea, that started small, changed the trajectory of PPAG.

The reason I mention this part of PPAG history to you- is because one of those residents who presented in that first event in 2006 was Dr. Jennifer Chow. Now, sometimes a broken road full of pot holes and unexpected detours leads you exactly to where you need to be at a given moment in life. I have no doubt this is true for Jennifer… and me… and all of us. Things unplanned are not always fun, but sometimes they are meaningful. But to make a very long story short, 5 years ago Dr. Chow found herself as Director of Professional Development at PPAG. And it is all together fitting that one of those first residents who presented back in 06, would later have an idea that would yet again change the trajectory of PPAG. What if we had a residency program showcase during the Fall Meeting? Again, I think it is fair to say that there was some enthusiasm for the idea, but also some doubts and questions. Would residency director, students, and residents buy-in to the program? Could students and residents attend a Fall Conference and an Annual? Would they choose one or the other? How could this work? But again, the Board took the risk, said yes, and the rest might very well be history. Trust me when I say that not even Jennifer predicted we would have twenty-seven (27) residency programs participate, and over sixty (60) students from twenty-eight colleges would attend the conference. It seems that the recruitment process for pediatric residency programs may have changed, and that PPAG continues to build a one-stop shop for all things pediatrics!

I bring you this history because Jennifer has decided to resign from her position after 5 amazing years. We are very sad to see her leave, but that is selfish. Our loss in another’s gain. Jennifer came to PPAG at the exact right moment, and has helped PPAG develop a BCPPS Review and Recertification Program, a soon-to-be launched BCPPS portfolio program, a new learning management system, and has organized six (6) Annual Meetings and five (5) Fall Conference with all associated events, and coordinated webinar programs. This is no easy task supporting six (6) different education committees, coordinating hundreds of presentations, speakers, evaluations, and post-test questions each year. Not to mention fielding many emails and phone calls every day.

We have been blessed by her service to PPAG. We wouldn’t be here without her.

As I mentioned in Lexington, Jennifer does not expect a big farewell, but I do encourage everyone to reach out to her in the coming days to wish her well. She will still be a member of PPA/G, of course. She's not going too far away! Jennifer, you will be missed at PPA/G! It has been incredible working with you over the past 5 years. You are awesome. Do NOT be a stranger. I'm still going to text you during conference calls and meetings.