Call for Residency Project Abstracts
(Results are not required) 


Please read these instructions prior to the submission of your abstracts.

The PPA Resident Showcase is designed to provide pharmacy residents and fellows with an opportunity to make formal presentations of their projects or research in a relaxed professional setting, discuss clinical or administrative case experiences, have open forum discussions, meet leaders in pediatric pharmacy, and broaden relationships with other residents and fellows. Today's residents and fellows will become the leading practitioners of tomorrow.

The Bruce Parks Memorial Pediatric Pharmacy Residency Project Showcase was established in 2006. Since its inception, the program has grown from 12 participants in 2006 to over 100 participants in 2017.
In order to be eligible to participate in the Showcase, you must be a resident conducting a project in a pediatric clinical setting. 

Pediatric practitioners will evaluate each presentation and provide feedback to each participant.

All pediatric pharmacy residents, whether members of PPA or not, are invited to submit abstracts to be presented as platform presentation at the Annual PPA Meeting and Pediatric Pharmacy Conference.

General Guidelines and Procedures.

To participate in the Program, you must submit an abstract, a presentation preference date, and slides.

  1. To submit an abstract, go to: Abstracts must be completed and submitted by February 5 at 11:59 PM Pacific time. No new submissions or edits will be accepted after this deadline. PPA will NOT edit abstracts. 
  2. Presentations will be 15 minutes in total length (including question and answer session).
  3. While everyone who submits an abstract will be able to present during the Showcase, presentation slots are available on a "first-submit, first-serve" basis. Although you will be able to indicate your preference, it is NOT guaranteed. 
  4. You do not need results to submit an abstract in the category.
  5. Deadline for submitting final presentation slides: April 16 2021. 
  6. Please note: Residency Project Abstracts are not eligible for Poster Presentation. Residents are welcome to submit a poster abstract for another project or case. If submitting under the Practice or Research categories, results are required.


Primary Author: The person entering the information online is the primary author and is responsible for providing the required information to other authors. We define the “Primary Author” as the leading author and the primary presenter. The submitting author’s name will automatically appear first on the citation and the abstract, and their contact information will be printed on the published version of the abstract. Duplicate abstracts on the same topic from one author or institution will not be accepted. Your poster presentation at the PPA Annual Meeting may not differ from the original accepted title and abstract content in your submission. It is understood that an author of the abstract will be at the meeting to present the poster.

Additional Authors: Each submission may have up to six (6) authors – the Primary Author and 5 additional authors. The primary author is responsible to ensure that all authors are included and in the order they will appear on the abstract and citation. PPAG will not add “forgotten” authors or make changes to the order of the authors.

Meeting Registration and Cancellations

Meeting Registration

Presenting a poster at our meeting is a voluntary effort and PPA cannot pay expenses for your participation. If your submission is accepted, you are responsible for your own meeting registration fee and travel. Your meeting registration will confirm your participation in the Poster Session. All presenters must be registered for the meeting.


Written notification is required for all submission withdrawals, and must be submitted by the primary author. Please send your withdrawal request by to: and include your full name, abstract number, and presentation title in the request. If you withdraw after receiving your acceptance notice, your presentation abstract will not appear in print, on the PPA website or other media.

Prior Publication or Presentation

Previously presented or published abstracts (encore presentations) may be submitted for presentation at the PPA Annual Meeting, but they will NOT be published in the Journal of Pediatric Pharmacology and Therapeutics (JPPT). Encore presentations will not be considered for an Award.  

Publication Information

Resident Project Abstracts will NOT be published. However, we encourage all investigators to develop a full manuscript to be considered for publication in the Journal of Pediatric Pharmacology and Therapeutics. 

Notifications and Contact Information Email Notifications

All correspondences including confirmations, reminders, and accept/reject notifications will be sent to the primary author’s email only. It is the primary author’s responsibility to notify the co-authors of the status of the submission, and highly recommended that this email be a working address that is not spam protected.

Abstract Submission Details

When submitting your abstract, please use the following section headings in the body of your abstract:

  1. Introduction
  2. ​Methods
  3. ​Results (if not yet available, please insert the following sentence, "Results will be submitted within final slides.")
  4. ​Conclusion (if not yet available, please insert the following sentence, "Conclusion will be submitted within final slides.")


Abstract Title

  1. Title must accurately and concisely reflect the abstract content.
  2. Submission with titles that are NOT in the correct format will not be accepted.
  3. Only enter the title of the abstract in the title field. DO NOT put it in the abstract content field.

Title Format

  1. Do NOT use brand names of medications in the title
  2. Capitalize only the first letter of the first word in the title, all other words must be in lowercase letters; except in the case of acronyms or proper nouns.
  3. Do not use “An,” A,” or “The” as the first word in the title
  4. Spell out all pharmaceutical acronyms
  5. Special symbols (Mathematical signs – equals, plus, minus, percentage, greater than, less than etc.) must be spelled out.

Body of Abstract

  1. ​Do NOT include the title or authors in the body of the abstract.
  2. Your abstract will be reviewed and evaluated based on the content provided according to these guidelines.
  3. Word limits – the entire abstract should be no longer than 450 words.
  4. Proofread content carefully, particularly doses, drug names and numerical values.
  5. Use standard abbreviations. Do not include graphs, tables or illustration in your abstract.
  6. Do not use special functions such as tabs, underlines, trademarks, superscript, subscript, bold or italics. Special symbols such as Greek letters, degrees, plus signs, minus signs or greater than or less than signs must be spelled out.
  7. Again, do not include the title or authors in the body of the abstract.


Submit Your Abstract 

​To submit your abstract, direct your browser to:

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