Scholarship in Teaching Award

Each year PPA awards up to two (2) Scholarship in Teaching Awards.

Scholarship in Teaching Award(s) are given by the Advocacy Committee and are based on "teaching practice" abstracts submitted in conjunction with our Annual Meeting. Scholarship in Teaching abstracts describe innovative educational programs that improve pediatric pharmacy practice. Abstracts may highlight educational programs with different audiences (i.e. PharmD students, residents, patients, caregivers, pharmacists). Abstracts will be reviewed based on the following criteria:

  1. Project presented is innovative/creative and supports the advancement of pediatric pharmacy practice
  2. Project presented demonstrates measurable outcomes/benefits (e.g., improved compliance, improved educational outcomes, increases in satisfaction scores)
  3. Project presented can be replicated at other institutions
  4. Project presented offers improvements in knowledge, skills, and/or attitudes of the intended audience (e.g., patients, care givers, students, residents, pharmacists)
  5. Abstract is clearly and concisely written


Recipients of the Scholarship in Teaching Award share their teaching practice during 10-15 minute presentation during the Annual Meeting.

Past Recipients


Design and evaluation of a student-created oral exam format in a pediatric elective 
​Kristen Nichols, PharmD and Chad Knoderer, PharmD
​Butler University, Indianapolis, MN


Curricular preferences and subsequent employment choices of pediatric degree option graduates
Brooke Gildon, PharmD and Peter Johnson, PharmD, FPPA
University of Oklahoma; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Incorporating pediatric-related concepts into a pharmacy skills laboratory course sequence
Lea Eiland, PharmD and Amber Hutchison, PharmD
​Auburn University