2019 PPAG Fall Conference

Call for Student Program Proposals

The PPAG Education Committee is seeking submissions for sessions and speakers for STUDENT SESSIONS at the 2019 PPAG Fall Conference in Lexington, KY from September 19-22, 2019

PPAG has seen tremendous growth in the number of student groups and student participation at our Annual Meeting. We hope to expand student programming during our Fall Conference. These excited student pharmacists are eager to learn more about pediatric pharmacy. Pharmacy residents and new faculty members are the ideal individuals to provided education to this group because they understand the topics that may interest these students. If you are interested in providing a 20-30 minute presentation at a national meeting, please submit your ideas for consideration! 

Submit your Proposal: https://ppagannual.secure-platform.com/a/solicitations/home/12 

What is needed for a Proposal? 

Your contact information
Title of Presentation
Brief paragraph describing the Presentation
3-4 presentation objectives. 

What topics have been presented at Past Annual Meetings?

  1. Medication safety in pediatrics
  2. Overview of residency research projects
  3. Writing a letter of intent
  4. Communicating with pediatric patients and their families
  5. Daily life of a resident
  6. Differences between PGY1 and PGY2 residency
  7. How to select the right residency for me


Proposal Tips

DO pick a topic that will be applicable to a range of student levels (P1 to P4)
DO discuss your topic proposal with your mentor before submission
DO consider what you wanted to know more about as a student or what would have benefitted you later
DO focus on drugs and important pharmacists' roles if choosing a clinical topic
DON'T propose very specific clinical topics with detailed disease state or treatment information unless it is at a basic level.


Process Timeline: 

June 14, 2019 All Submissions DUE
July 2019 You will be notified if your proposal was accepted, and will receive a Speaker Packet and Agreement.
July 2019 Signed Speaker Agreements DUE
August 2019 Draft Presentation Slides and post-test questions DUE
August 2019 Feedback regarding slides and questions will be sent to speakers.
September 2019 Final slides and post-test questions DUE
September 2019
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