Webinar Speaker Information Packet

Pediatric Pharmacy Association Mission

Founded in 1979, the Pediatric Pharmacy Association is an international non-profit, voluntary membership organization of over 1,500 health care providers who strive to improve the lives of children.  The purpose of the organization is to advocate safe and effective medication use in children through communication, education and research.

PPA Webinar CE Program Goals

The Pediatric Pharmacy Webinars are designed for practitioners and administrators involved in the drug therapy decision for children, and who understand the unique needs of the pediatric patient.  Webinars provide important education benefits for participants who want to improve their positioning in the health care environment.  It will also provide a new understanding of current medical trends in pediatric pharmacy.

Coordination of Your Presentation

PPA uses SeminarWeb as our webinar host. SeminarWeb will schedule a webinar practice session prior to the scheduled webinar. During this session, SeminarWeb staff will give you an orientation of the webinar interface. 

Webinar Speaker Resources

For preparing your presentation: (Refer to our Speaker Guidance Kit to assit with developing learning objectives, slides, and post-test questions)

1. Guidelines for Preparing Learning Objectives

  • -Educational goals and specific learning objectives should reflect the relationship of the activity topic(s) or content to contemporary pharmacy practice
  • -Performance objectives must be measurable and specific
  • -Verbs for performance objective must elicit or describe observable or measureable  behaviors on the part of activity participants.
  • -Example of Objective Verbs to Use

2. PPA Slide Template (not required, but encouraged)

3. For Recertification Programs only: Post-test question required format

For submitting your webinar materials:

  1. Speaker Agreement Forms 
  2. Upload Draft Slides Link 
  3. Upload FINAL Slides Link
  4. For Recertification Programs only:

                      Post Test Questions submission 

Other resources

  1. Speaker Guidance Kit (Includes preparing presentation, objectives, and questions and tips for webinar speakers)​​​
  2. Questions: Email Lauren Henretty at lhenretty@pediatricpharmacy.org


Timelines and Due Dates

Please return all of the above materials to PPA no later than the deadlines provided in order to comply with ACPE requirements for continuing education credits and help us keep to our print/promotion schedule.  Specific Due Dates determined by the Webinar CommitteeDue Dates follow this general timeline: 

  1. Speaker Agreement Forms Due 5 months before presentation
  2. Slides Due 3 months before presentation
  3. Speaker sent back slides for revisions, 2 months before presentation
  4. Final Slides Due 1 month before presentation
  5. Practice Presentation with SeminarWeb 1 week before presentation


Presentation Publication

As you prepare for the webinar, we would like you to consider preparing your presentation for possible publication as an article in the Journal of Pediatric Pharmacology and Therapeutics.  This will insure that our members who are not able to attend the webinar will be able to get the valuable information you are presenting.  Author instructions are attached.  If you would like more information, please contact PPA by phone at (901) 380-3617 or e-mail: editor@jppt.org

Honorarium and Reimbursement 

PPA will reimburse the agreed to honorarium for speakers and workshop leaders within 3 weeks of the webinar.  NOTE: Honorariums or payments of over $600.00 must be reported to the Internal Revenue Service. PPA requires that you submit your Social Security number for proper reporting. PPA holds your privacy in high regard, and will take proper actions to ensure that privacy. You are not required to submit your social security number if you are receiving an honorarium under $600.00.

Policy Regarding Assurance of Fair Balance, Disclosure, and Non-Commercialism

The Pediatric Pharmacy Association believes in fair content balance, providing the audience with information of multiple perspectives from which to form a professional opinion. In addition, the fair balance will assure that information provided does not discuss single commercial product. Brand names of all products included in the content may be mentioned for identification purposes only. Speakers must disclose to PPA any and all relationships that they may have with industry.

Policy on Industry Support

The Pediatric Pharmacy Association adheres to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration’s policy on industry supported educational activities.  The FDA policy requires, among other things, that we conduct the educational program supported by any corporate educational grants independently and without control by the grantor of the program’s planning, content or execution.  Furthermore the programs must be free of commercial bias for or against any product.

Copyrighted Materials

All copyrighted material (tables or figures) used within your presentation must be accompanied with a copyright release from the owner of the material (such as a Journal publisher). 

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