Our biggest strength as an organization is our members. One way our members participate and interact with PPAG is through Committees. To name just a few things, Committee members provide educational and editorial content, draft position papers, plan educational events, provide member to member services, and audit PPAG finances and budgets. 

You can join a Committee through your myPPAG page. Be sure to "update your profile."

Current Standing Committees

PPAG has five (5) Standing Committees, some of which have sub-committees to accomplish their goals:

Advocacy Committee

Advocacy Committee is PPAG's voice to the general public, the FDA, and the pharmaceutical industry. The committee is responsible for updating and providing information for KidsMeds, a website for parents and patients. The Advocacy Committee also authors PPAG Position Statements that are published in the JPPT, and posted on the PPAG website. Members interested in communicating the special needs of children and serving as a child advocate should consider serving on this committee. 

Chair: Kelly Matson, PharmD
Chair-Elect: Jamie Miller, PharmD 
​Immediate Past-Chair: Rachel Meyers, PharmD

Sub-committee Leadership:
Chair, Legislative Affairs Sub-Committee: Rachel Meyers, PharmD
Chair, KidsMeds Sub-Committee: Catherine Tom-Revzon, PharmD

Board Liaison: Kristin Klein, PharmD
Staff Liaison: Matthew Helms, MA

Education Committee

The Education Committee is responsible for all content development for PPAG Conferences, online CE programs, webinars, BCPPS Exam Prep courses, and the BCPPS Recertification Program. This committee identifies topics and speakers for PPAG Educational Programs. You do not need to have experience or skills in conference planning. Your clinical practice expertise is all you need to join! 

Chair: Nicholas Fusco, PharmD
Chair-Elect: Lizbeth Hansen, PharmD 
​Immediate Past Chair: Lauren Buenger, PharmD

Sub-committee Leadership:
​Chair, Annual Meeting Planning Committee (NICU): Eloise Woodruff, PharmD
​Chair, Annual Meeting Planning Committee (General Pediatrics): Nicholas Fusco, PharmD
​Chair, Fall 2017 Fall Meeting: Leslie Briars, PharmD and Kristin Klein, PharmD

Chair, Home-Study Sub-Committee: Chasity Shelton, PharmD and Mary Petrea Cober, PharmD
Chair, BCPPS Review Course: Lizbeth Hansen, PharmD and Chad Knoderer, PharmD
Chairs, Recertification Advisory Committee: Timothy Todd, PharmD 
​Chair-elect: Recertitication Advisory Committee: Kay Kyllonen, PharmD 

Board Liaison: ____, PharmD
Staff Liaison: Jennifer Chow, PharmD

Finance Committee

Serving under the elected Tresurer of PPAG, the Finance Committee is responsible for developing the Annual Budget and auditing monthly financial reports.

Treasurer and Chair: Jeff Low, PharmD
Staff Liaison, Matthew Helms, MA

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for providing information to PPAG members. The committee accomplishes this goal by ensuring the website information is updated and accurate, publishing a bi-monthly newsletter, and maintaining MyPPAG, the members-only community resource. Members with skills in writing and editing are encouraged to participate in this committee. The Committee is esponsible for ensuring that membership services are of significant value to maintain individual memberships. Members serving on this committee will evaluate member needs and satisfaction, define recruitment strategies and develop recruitment and membership information.

Chair: Jennifer Hamner, PharmD
Immediate Past Chair: Ji Lee, PharmD

Sub-committee Leadership:
​Chair, Member-in-Training Committee: Danielle Alm, PharmD

Board Liaison: 
Staff Liaison: Matthew Helms, MA

Research Committee

The Research Committee is responsible for reviewing submitted abstracts, organizing the poster presentations, and rewarding the Outstanding Original Paper Award, Christensen Young Investigator Award, and the Student Investigator Award at the PPAG Annual Meetings. The Research committee works closely with the Education Committee in organizing research related learning labs at the Annual PPAG Conference. The Committee oversees the Neonatal Small Grant Progam for residents and fellows. 

Chair: Jill Morgan, PharmD
Chair-Elect: Christina Cox, PharmD
​Immediate Past Chair: Chad Knoderer, PharmD

Board Liaison: Jeff Cies, PharmD
Staff Liaison: Matthew Helms, MA

Special or Ad-Hoc Committees

Drug Development Committee

The Pediatric Pharmacy Advocacy Group (PPAG) recently established a Pediatric Drug Development Committee with the goal of forming collaboration and partnerships with external organizations that have similar interests in pediatric and neonatal research. Examples of such organizations include AAP, FDA, NIH, USP, IPI, and the CDC to name a few. This Committee also wants to build awareness among their members in regards to pediatric research, regulation, and drug development. 

Chair: Edress Darsey, PharmD

Board Liaison: 
Staff Liaison: Jennifer Chow, PharmD

FPPAG Selection Committee

​The FPPAG Selection Committee is charged with maintaing the Fellows program and selecting Fellows each year. 

​Chair: Richard Helms, PharmD
​Chair-elect: Kay Kyllonen, PharmD
​Immediate Past-Chair: Bob Kuhn, PharmD



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