Email List Communities:

Connecting great ideas and great people is an inetgral part of any Association's activites. Providing member to member through email listservs is an imporant benefit for PPAG members. Our Email Lists facilitate the exchange of ideas through an email exchange system. In the past, our email lists were knows as "PediNet." PediNet is now "MyPPAG."

Currently, each Special Interest Group and Committee has a dedicated email listserv. You can subscribe by updating your profile on your myPPAG page. Afterwards, you will be able to access your email lists through through your "MyPPAG" page.

Current SIG Email List Communities
Although associated with Special Interest Groups, these lists are open to ALL members of PPAG. You are free to ask questions pertinent to clinical practice within these email communities. 

Ambulatory Care
Critical Care 
Drug Information and Technology
Emergency Medicine
General Pediatrics
Infectious Disease
Medication Safety
New Practitioner

Current Committee Email List Communities
These lists are open to Committee Members only. 

Advocacy Committee
Drug Development Committee
Education Committee
Finance Committee
Membership Committee
Research Committee
Student Advisors

Other Email List Communities
these lists are open to ALL members of PPAG.

Legislative Affairs

To join an eCommunity/Email List, "update your profile: on your myPPAG page