Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are communities of Pediatric Pharmacy Association members who are interested in sharing focused ideas, knowledge and experiences with others in a specific sub-specialty area.  The SIGs are formal groups organized around a common interest area, offering the opportunity for ongoing interaction among professionals regarding a certain topic. 

SIGs members use the following tools to connect. 

  1. Organized discussions on the Internet, listservs, eCommunities, and Conference Calls
  2. Targeted content within our Electronic newsletters and web content
  3. In-person meetings during our Annual Conference each year. 

Membership in SIGs is complimentary to all PPA members. To join a Special Interest Group eCommunity, Update your Record via your myPPAG page. 


Chair: Lea Eiland, PharmD
Chair-Elect: Kalen Manasco, PharmD
​Past-Chair: Kay Kyllonen, PharmD 
​Board Liaison: Eloise Woodruff, PharmD
​Staff Liaison(s): Jennifer Chow, PharmD (for education) and Matthew Helms, MA


SIG Chair and Vice Chair Responsibilities 

Current Special Interest Groups

Chair: Kristen Nichols, PharmD
Chair-elect: Amanda Capino, PharmD
The Academic SIG is for members of PPAG interested in discussing topics related to teaching pharmacy students and post-doctoral trainees. The Academic SIG is a key contributor to PPAG Preceptor Development educational programming. 

Ambulatory Care
Chair: Kevin Lonabaugh, PharmD and Hanna Pratt, PharmD
According to the Board of Pharmacy Specialties, "ambulatory care pharmacy practice is the provision of integrated, accessible health care services by pharmacists who are accountable for addressing medication needs, developing sustained partnerships with patients, and practicing in the context of family and community. This is accomplished through direct patient care and medication management for ambulatory patients, long-term relationships, coordination of care, patient advocacy, wellness and health promotion, triage and referral, and patient education and self-management. The ambulatory care pharmacists may work in both an institutional and community-based clinic involved in direct care of a diverse patient population." The Ambulatory Care SIG brings together members who practice in pediatric ambulatory care

Chair: Josh Robinson, PharmD

Critical Care
Chair: Monica Bogenschutz, PharmD
According to the Board of Pharmacy Specialties, "critical care pharmacy practice specializes in the delivery of patient care services by pharmacists, as integral members of interprofessional teams, working to ensure the safe and effective use of medications in critically ill patients. The practice requires informed, rapid assessment of clinical data for patients whose pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic parameters differ substantially from the non-critically ill patient. Pharmacists in this practice are required to review, analyze, and frequently reassess multifaceted clinical and technological information to make reasoned decisions for highly dynamic patients with life-threatening conditions and complex medication regimens." This SIG brings together members who practice in
pediatric critical care

Emergency Medicine (ED)
Chair: Jenny Steinbrenner, PharmD
The clinical enviornment in the emergency department is considered high risk for adverse drug events. The main goal of practitioners who work in this enviornment is to help increase medication safety and provide drug information to staff. This is a rapidly growing practice area. The Emergency Medicine SIG brings together members who practice in pediatric emergency departments

General Pediatrics 
Chair: Elizabeth Boucher and Mindy Parman
The General Pediatrics SIG is for members who work in a variety of pediatric patient care settings. 

Chair: Lola Afolabi, PharmD

Chair, Andrew Clark, PharmD
According to the Board of Pharmacy Specialties, oncology pharmacy specialists recommend, design, implement, monitor and modify pharmacotherapeutic plans to optimize outcomes in patients with malignant diseases. The Hematology/Oncology SIG brings together members who care for pediatric cancer patients.

Infectious Disease
Chair: Emily Diehl, PharmD and Sarah Parsons, PharmD
An infectious diease pharmacist actively participates in antimicrobial stewardship and infection prevention and control efforts through clinical endeavors focused on proper antimicrobial utilization. The Infectious Disease SIG brings together members who practice in pediatric infectious disease settings

Clinical Leadership / Practice Management
Chair: Coutney Sweet, PharmD
The Leadership SIG is for members who serve or are interested in serving in pharmacy department or clinical leadership posts. 

Medication Safety
Chair: Hyun Kim, PharmD
Chair-elect: Janie Robles, PharmD

A medication safety pharmacist or officer is responsible for managing the Medication Use Safety and Improvement Plans within instutions or care settings. They are responsible for patient and medication safety, staff development/training and medication use improvement. The Medication Safety SIG brings together members who provide these services in a pediatric setting

Chair: Betsy Walters Burkey, PharmD
Neonatal pharmacists deal with vulnerable patients, who are often most susceptible to medication error. They are experts in the use of medicines to attend the needs of sick or premature babies. The Neonatal SIG brings together members who serve neonatal patients

New Practitioner
Chair: Sylvia Okrzesik, PharmD
The New Practitioner SIG is for members who have been in practice for less than 5 years. This SIG includes post-doctoral trainees (residents and fellows).

Obstetrics/Women's Health
Chair: Noelle Leung, PharmD
Chair-elect: Nicole Omecene, PharmD

The OB (Women's Health) SIG is for members who work with pregnant women, who can often be an underserved population.

Chair: Katie Hobart, PharmD
Pulmonary pharmacists focus on medication therapy for respiratory diseases, such as asthma and cystic fibrosis. The Pulmonary SIG brings together members who serve pediatric pulmonary patients

Residency Program Directors
Chair: Kelly Bobo, PharmD


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